Meeting at the Manor (3/31)

Various members of Pendragon & Co. assembled for their weekly meeting. The building they were standing in was once a large, rather majestic structure. It sits within the mountains, hidden away from sight and guarded by impassable terrain. It appears old, worn down, dark, and only had access to the floor they were standing on. The basement …

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To Strike a Bargain, pt. 1

Baobiao's trip into Pandaria, while uneventful, was soon to be more than she planned for... After her arrival via mage portal in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, she began the journey down to the old Black Market building where she once found work as an Exchange Guard. She looked over the now empty hut with …

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Hat Heresey

The officers of the Royal Lions Brigade stood assembled together on the raised platform within Westbrook Garrison. Khadromars leaned heavily on his stave, age and battle seeming to finally catch up to the elder dragon. Rappa stood nearby him, seeming prepared to come to his aid if need be. Jiwa stood in his usual place …

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