A Necessary Discussion

(This is an RP transcript!)

Feri’tas walked away from a mage tower in Dalaran, shaking her head. “Fel fucking stupid hunter doesn’t know what he’s getting into.” She adjusted the satchel of goods she was given at the alchemy shop. As she was walking away she would eventually spy what looked like Denarod, with his hair on fire though he did not seem to be flinching at it. She looked up, saw him and stared. “Y-you’re on fire…”

“Ahh, then my illusory hair highlights are a success.”  Den ruffled his hair a bit and the flames died down.  “It originally started as hair soap…. but then fire.”

“That’s really weird, Den…” She would seem perhaps more distraught than the last they saw one another, and Denarod would sense that En’vie had showed herself at some time today. He would also sense some kind of mental wall, as though the two were separated from each other. “I lost time.”

Den then lost his wistful pondering and saw Feri looking as she did.  He then stroked her chin and just stared for a moment.  “What’s wrong Feri, you’re feeling off kilter.”

“I lost time… A good chunk of it. I don’t know what happened. I saw Edalarian, we spoke briefly, and then I came to somewhere I don’t remember being.”

The mention of the name brought of twinge of annoyance to Dens eye.  “I can’t think that this is a coincidence.  What was the last thing you talked about before the blackout?”

“He was questioning why I had seemingly changed. Why my mentalscape was blocked from him.”

“This reeks of something foul…. let us see.”  Den looks a moment and then tries to focus his senses to see what has been specifically altered in her mind. He sensed that En’vie had appeared, and that some kind of mental separation had been put up between the two. It was like the two of them were becoming truly unique people… Which could perhaps become a problem as far as time loss.

En’vie would sense him and press herself to the forefront, leaving A’yura’s body staring off into space for a moment or two. When she came to, En’vie would look at him. “Is something wrong?”

“Hello En’vie.” Den smiled as he saw passion for the first time in what felt like awhile.  “I’m trying to solve a particular puzzle.  It seems as though a divide has been placed between you and Feri….and a meeting she had with Edalarian.”

“Oh… That… I yelled at him for being such a jerk and calling us all those awful things. I’m not sure what you mean about a barrier though. We’re just… Not really talking.”(edited)

“All I know is I came out to yell at him, and then I was forced back when Feri’tas pushed. I don’t remember anything beyond that… Except when I felt you wondering just now.”

“Hmmm very strange….” Den just felt around the Aura between the two.  “Hmm it’s strange…. I can…. tell the difference between you now.”

“Wait, you can tell the difference now? Really?” She seems to brighten with this information.

“Nothing certain yet…. more like instead of two slight shades, you each now have a color to call your own…. though what that is you will pick for yourself I am sure.” Den grins at En in amusement.  “It also looks like you and Feri are no longer as joined at the hip as you were before.”

“Well, no… We’re still not really talking. At all… Or sharing, really… And color? What do you mean? My aura is its own color?”

“Just a term to simplify what is happening to you both.  Imagine a color or sensation that defines your being, it is certainly stronger now since I first met you.”  The more he focused the more he could see the haze of Feri and En being distinct from each other.  “I can understand wanting to keep some things to yourself too.”

“Mm. Certain things… But not everything. I’m sure we’ll still have conversation about certain things in the subconscious.” She shrugs, wondering something. “Does… Does that mean anything will change between us, Den?”

“Hmm a sincere question.” Den paces back and forth as though thinking a great deal.  Though in the end he brushes En’s cheek and smiles.  “All I see is you’re choosing to become your own person, and I dare say I will love you more for it.”

“It is my part to make sure that I remind both of you that as much as I can.”

En’vie smiles and nuzzles into his hand, “I’m glad… I’m glad to be with you.” She recalls Edalarian’s admittance of his regret in their prior conversation and shakes it off. She feels happier with Den. He would possibly see her aura grow brighter in that moment, growing from a soft white to a more brilliant and pure hue. She looks to him and smiles, “You sure you can love a former priest?”

“As sure as I can slay the Deceiver himself.” Den said with a knowing grin.  “….and that seems slightly more difficult.”

She chuckles softly. “That… Makes me oddly happy to hear. Feri would be happy too, I think.”

“Indeed, she worries about you.  How you wish to resolve it is up to you, but perhaps a small message might put her at ease a little bit.”

“A message?” She thinks about it for a minute. “Maybe…” She reaches into the satchel of supplies they were given, pulling out a quill and one of the notebooks. She scribbles something on one of the pages before putting it back with a nod. “There, that should be sufficient…”

Den takes it and keeps it tucked away.  “For such a fiery person you can be quite curt when you want to be.”

“Well, I… I may not be talking to her, or even able to… But I care. I love her like a sister.” She sighs. “I don’t like seeing her hurting just as much as she doesn’t like seeing me hurt… I’ve just needed time to figure out this whole situation with Reris. How I really feel about it, and what to do.”

“Of course….”Den is at a loss for words at how to handle that part “A tough situation, but no doubt you’ll find a solution.  Or just take the easy path and see what happens to his brain when you try to explain your situation.”

“I could explain it. I find his flailing attempts at understanding quite amusing… The man gets so uncomfortable with the unknown.” She grins widely, though it quickly fades. “Still… I recall the pain I felt when he called me his light… Used that as a sort of rejection. I don’t know if I can face him without possibly breaking my promise to you, Den… I don’t know if I’m strong enough to stay away.”

Den looked to En for a few moments and nodded with a small smile.  He walked over to her and lightly taps her head with his palm “No fear love, no matter what happens when you come back…. I’ll be here, so just be you.” He felt like there was more he should have said, though in the end he takes a breath and leaves it at that.  “I must respect both of your ways of living.”

“But… You…” She looks guilty. “You really mean that?”

“I mean it as much as I can…” he says bluntly, to imply it is a hard statement to make.  “All I can say is the decision is yours to make as your own person……just make sure Feri knows what you’re deciding, for obvious reasons.”

She nods. “Maybe we’ll have to start a journal… If we can’t communicate the way we used to.” She pulls Den into a tight hug. “Thank you, my love…” She nuzzles into his neck.

Den hugs back as hard as he can in return.  “Just make sure you come back…. life would be a little less bright without you.”

She speaks into his skin, as though she speaks to his very soul. “I couldn’t imagine a world without you in it.”

“Then I have nothing to fear at all.” Den brushes En’s hair with his hand.  “We have the rest of eternity so it’ll be okay…. also exercise good judgement as far as Reris is concerned.” the last part came a little more bluntly.

She nods. “You have my word as a former priest and a demon hunter.” She stays in the embrace, finding comfort in his warmth. “I… I think she wants back out now… If that’s okay.”

“Yeah that’s probably for the best.” Den nods.

En’vie smiles and holds him. “I love you, Denarod…”