An Unending Sadness

    Since her acquisition of Sin Eater, Corra had returned to her original purpose with renewed vigor. To ferry the souls of the dead was an important task, and one which Soulbinders were created to do. As she walked through an Alliance outpost which was recently assaulted by the Burning Legion, she paused at each body. The dead were numerous, the land scarred by fel energies.

    She closed her eyes and said a soft prayer as the winds pushed back her white and gold hood, tousling her long black hair. One by one, she stepped to each of the dead, holding the head of the staff over their body. Sin Eater’s vessel drew in the soul, the Shadow Orb used to re-empower the staff pulling away the soul’s darkest sins as the Naaru-blessed stave itself condensed the soul down into a shard which came to hang on either side of the staff’s head.
    Corra could feel the shadow energy building within her with each soul. She could feel the darkness pulling at her deepest obsessions, the whispers of the vessel itself bringing her to teeter on the precipice of madness. It was a feeling she had not yet grown accustomed to, amplified one hundred fold by the number of souls she felt compelled to carry to rest in the beyond.
    There were ten soul shards on each side of Sin Eater by the time she was finished, the power of the Shadow Orb’s madness bringing her to a knee. She shook her head. “No. I will not submit… I must carry them to their rest. Only then can I purge this darkness.”
    She rose to her hooves unsteadily, walking out of the decimated outpost, holding Sin Eater in her right hand. The crystals, all of varying colors, sparkled in the light of the setting sun. The time had come to return to Dalaran, and she pulled a small purple stone from her robes, holding it in her hand. “Let’s get you home…” Once in Dalaran, it was time to visit each of the Alliance’s cities. Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, and The Exodar. She would have to visit each in turn to ensure that every soul made it to their proper resting place… 
    It took time, but she was finally able to fulfill her duty. She returned to the floating city at last, feeling the weight of the sins of the dead even heavier than before. The darkness pulled at her, and she felt compelled to return to the field… To not ‘waste time’ with purging the shadow, and collect as many souls as she could to transport them to the safety of their afterlife.
    The weight of this burden heavy on her shoulders, she made her way back out into the Broken Isles, a deep-seeded sadness welling in her heart. The dead were hers to ferry… And their sins may yet ferry her soul into Sin Eater itself.