Darkness Within

(This is an RP transcript!)   

A’yura made her way away from the magical department’s tower after her encounter with Edalarian, fuming. She could feel her aura pulsating with anger. “My intentions?! I wasn’t intending to do anything except feel!” She was dizzy with rage, and then the whispers began…

    “Let me out… I’ll end him. I’ll make sure he never hurts you again…”
    “Shut up, you witch. I’ll end you…”
      “Oh, but then you’d be ending yourself… Poor thing. Did the mean hunter hurt you that much?”
    “I said SHUT UP!”
    She would head for the Twilight Grove in Duskwood, and after landing, she’d angrily throw one of her warglaives, the blade whirring through the air before getting caught in the trunk of a tree. The other would wind up stuck in the dirt as she plopped down, the grass around her burning away in fel flame.
    It wasn’t long before Denarod found her sitting alone. Her aura radiated with dark energies, and as he sat beside her, she would say, “The voices still torment me…”
    “Then it is worse than I thought. If your demonic essence is growing out of control.”
    “I’m… Trying to make them quiet… But they’re so loud…” A’yura would cover her ears as though she could hear screaming.
    He kneels and sits down beside her. “Remember your training. Focus your hatred and your mission. We are the masters here.”
    She breathes quickly, bordering on hyperventilation. There were few others who had ever seen her on the brink of losing herself before, and Denarod wasn’t one of them until now. She looks up at him weakly. “Please help me…”
    He would stand before her, his glaives drawn. “You are Illidari. It is carved into our skin. When faced with opposition, we fight… Now fight, Illidari A’yura!”
    Seeming to understand what he means, she replies, “She’s so strong Denarod… It hurts.”
    “You are STRONGER. Feel the pain and let it fuel you. You are the master, IT is the slave. Let the demon bare the face of what you hate and SLAY IT!”
    Her expression seems to shift and she takes a breath, settling herself for a deep meditation. He watches over her as she does, his glaives at the ready…
    She sat this way for a time in utter silence, grateful for his watch over her. She trusted him. Trusted that he would end it if need be. Inside herself, she fought against the shivarrah’s hold. A demon which only took pleasure in her host’s torment. There were certain things which kept it at bay, and the one thing that had recently was now gone. Torn to shreds. However, A’yura was determined to win, as she always was. Denarod remained ready to take her down if he needed to. Eventually, she would open her eyes and merely smile up at him, the dark in her aura fading away.
    “I hope this means you’ve won?”
    “Yes. I think so.”
    He put his glaives away and nodded. “Good. Your weapon has been re-sharpened against further attempts.” He would smile a little, a rare sight from the Illidari. “I can call you Illidari with pride.”
    She looks at the scarred fel-earth beneath her as she stands, shaking her head. “This has been happening far too often since our release, Brother. There’s something missing. I can feel it…”
    “Then we’ll have to find out what that is. No doubt it’s connected with what’s going on.”
    “Perhaps I am unfit to lead… I’ve been such a loose cannon lately.”
    “Of that, I cannot say. But, if you’re of the mind to know your weaknesses, then perhaps you’re better off than you think.”
    “That’s the problem. I… Don’t know why this has been happening so-” She pauses abruptly, a thought passing through her mind. No… It couldn’t be.
    “As a leader, it’s your decision. I shall support whatever you decide. No doubt the other leaders would be dismayed, of course.”
    A’yura chuckles a little at that. “Perhaps. For now, it’s time to put emotion aside, don’t you think?”
    “Agreed. I’ve seen enough of that for a lifetime …within a single night.”
    She’d sigh. “I… Apologize for my outburst… The history, however belief, has made things difficult of late. I can barely stand to see his face.”
    “I understand, but a stern warning from the mage will be the least of your problems at that rate.”
    “I know. It’s something which will require much of my focus to imprison…”
    The two stood together and talked for a while longer before going their separate ways. A’yura had finally started to feel better…. Or so she thought.