Descent into Madness

As she walked through the forests of Duskwood, A’yura could feel her heart race. Everyone had told her to put aside her emotions… To push away her primal desires. Well, almost everyone.
She thought of Reris. She had wanted to impress him, and instead she made herself look like a fool when she ventured into the Twisting Nether alone. After nearly losing herself yet again when Edalarian insulted her, she was only able to save herself with encouragement from Denarod.
She sat in the dark woods under cover of night, the landscape nearly pitch black, and held her head in her hands. “I’m such a fool… I’m weak! My insecurities and emotions have done nothing but cause strife for everyone!” She punched the earth over and over until her knuckles bled.

“Foolish girl. You know how to put a stop to all of this, don’t you,” the shivarrah whispered in her ear.
“Shut up, you witch… I’m in no mood for you or your games.”
“Oh, but I want to help! Seeing you in so much pain wounds me. Perhaps… Keeping your emotions locked away is a good idea.”
“Maybe… For once… You’re right. Maybe I should keep everything under lock and key. Just shut it all out… But what about Reris?”
“You will have to lock away what you feel for him. Bury it deep inside of you. Never express it.”
She would nod and sigh deeply, falling into a deep meditation. “I can’t allow myself to feel… Ever again.”
The shivarrah would grin to herself from within, watching gleefully as A’yura followed what all had told her so fervently to do… Watched with the satisfaction and knowledge that without connection… Without love…  A’yura would slowly begin to descend into madness.