Finding Her Way Home

The time A’yura had spent with Edalarian, however brief, had been something she cherished. Hearing him say that she was manipulative… That she was just like the other Hunter Lords, so prepared to bow down to the wills of the Brigade, wounded her at her core. After the two parted ways, she lingered at the Stormwind Docks. Kyarel came to see her, the two speaking about various matters of the heart.

After Kyarel left to take care of whatever she needed, something began to build within A’yura. A darkness and rage unlike any she had ever felt before. She used a spell to tear a hole between the fabrics of space into the Twisting Nether and stepped inside. If she were to do anything this day, it would be to slay any demon that dared come her way…

As she stepped through the portal, she emerged into what appeared as a decrepit town. Ghostly figures wandered, not seeming to acknowledge her presence among them as they appeared to go about what would have been their daily lives. She walked among them, using her sight beyond sight to search for even a trace of a demonic presence. There were none that she could sense, at least for now. She made her way into what appeared to be an old and broken down inn, sitting in one of the empty chairs.

She thought on the events of the day… Edalarian’s attack on her character, Kyarel’s suggestion to keep her feelings hidden. She holds her head in her hands, hyperventilating as the thoughts race through her mind. She can hear a familiar voice, sultry and smooth, in her head. “Careful, dear… You’ll call attention to yourself.”

A’yura shook her head violently, covering her ears. “Shut up… Please, just shut up!”

“You know what you have to do… To prove yourself. Give in to the Legion’s might.”

“Never!” She would get up and storm out of the inn, the landscape phasing itself beneath her feet, making her stumble and fall backward. The little town had disappeared, and where it once was there was now a vision of another world on fire. A’yura could hear the countless screams of the fearful and the dying, could see the Legion’s minions on the horizon. She held the handles of her glaives tightly. “I will never give in.” She charges at the incoming wave of demons, cutting them down one by one. Imps, dreadstalkers, succubi… All fell before her. Once they had been cut down, she could hear the call of a shivarrah sound, another wave of demons headed her way.

“The Twisting Nether is ours! Kill the interloper,” the shivarrah would shout. A’yura would stand her ground, no matter how exhausted she felt. At least this confirmed she was still only in the Twisting Nether. More demons approached, the horizon filling with their silhouettes.

“I can’t take down a whole army… Not alone.” She turned and ran across the ever-changing landscape, the demons giving chase. As she ran, she fished out a piece of parchment from her satchel, picking up a piece of char to write with. She dove behind something, hoping that she would lose them… And she did, at least for now.

She started to write, a wound gained from fighting the last wave dripping onto it, and in her hurry, she smudged the words.

“Find the hunter! I want her head!”

She hurried to try and finish it, opening a portal to return back to Azeroth. One of the shivarrah’s lieutenants found her, and the portal had not been opened wide enough for her… She tossed the letter through the opening before it slammed shut, and she resumed her assault against the demons, determined to carve a path through them, and find her way home…

Report from Kynleand on the Rescue Mission

August 25

An emergency meeting was called by a member of the Illidari Council, Reis Nightcrest. A letter was found, supposedly left by Ayura Blackfire, who had somehow managed to get stuck in the Nether alone. Details as to why she was in the Nether to begin with were sparse, but we couldn’t leave our sister in harms way, so Reis opened a portal into the Nether so that we could rescue Ayura.

The rescue team included Reis, Kyarel, Denarod, Thraspion, Gaylic, and myself. Upon our arrival, we were ambushed by 7 demons. They were formidable matches but, ultimately, we came out victorious. After we dispatched the 7 demons, we proceeded through the Nether until we finally found Ayura, who was being held captive by a Wrathguard demon. She had been severely injured and was unconscious. Gaylic had been knocked out unconscious by one of the earlier 7 demons. 
Reris, Thraspion, and Denarod distracted the demon while Kyarel managed to get Ayura to safety. I defended Kyarel and Ayura and finished the demon off with a swift and mighty blow, scattering it’s brains all over the ground! Once the demon was dead, Reis opened another portal home for everyone and I carried Ayura through the threshold. She was very injured but an unknown Worgen druid was around and came to assist us, healing her wounds at least enough that she was able to regain consciousness. As to why Ayura was in the Nether in the first place, remains unknown. Unfortunately, in our rush to rescue sister Ayura, we forgot Gaylic and left him behind in the Nether…. Though he was somehow able to find his way back alive, which was quite impressive.