Hidden Passion

    A’yura sat in the Illidari Stand of Azsuna, looking inward in meditation. She could see a woman within, caged using a similar form of imprisonment that the demon hunters regularly employed. She was dressed in elegant garb, made to impress. Apathy looked upon Passion and shook her head. “You will never allow me to lead…”
    Passion looked up from her cage, holding onto the bars. “Let me out, Apathy… We are not whole like this! Please, we need to be whole to keep our demon at bay!”
    “You know nothing, Passion,” Apathy would snap. “You will stay there until this campaign in finished.”
    When A’yura had begun to suppress her emotions, her soul was cleaved in twain. Within now stood two women. Passion and Apathy, as they had come to be known. When Denarod came upon her during patrols, he had seen Apathy. Apathy did her best to ensure that his suspicions of her had been suppressed before they parted…
    “‘You hide your passion,’ he told me. Well… I’ve done more than just hide you, haven’t I?” Apathy would look to Passion with a smirk. “I’ve suppressed you. Locked you in a cage that you will never break free from. Not before this campaign is over.”
    “Apathy, stop it! You know this isn’t going to make things better!”
    “It’s time to go back to demon slaying… I suggest you silence yourself.”
    “No, wait, please don’t leave me-!”
    A’yura would wake from her meditation with a sigh and shake her head. “Under control, for now… Reinforcements will have to be made. Nonetheless… I have demon blood to spill.” She would return to the battlefield, strong as she had always been in combat. Within herself, the shivarrah rejoiced as she resumed her torture of Passion once again.