Let Me Show You the Light

    En’vie walked along the edge of the moon-water lake at the base of Nordrassil. She looked at the water and sighed, remembering days long since passed. Her time spent as an acolyte of the priesthood. She would have completed her training if everyone close to her had not been murdered by the hands of the Legion. She closed her eyes and pictured her darkest memories… Of her days spent in the Den of Mortal Delights.

    Being one of the few former priests to have chosen to take the path of the demon hunter, she was a pure and bright creature, one that needed to be darkened considerably. The demons, and other hunters, saw to that. Through their constant torture, she was eventually snuffed out and replaced by a deep darkness. A strong and silent soldier, Feri’tas.
    En’vie opened her eyes, blinking as she looked down into the moon water. The reflection she saw was of Feri’tas, as it always had been. “Have… We always existed,” she wondered aloud. “Were we just together until the events that tore us apart?”
    The reflection seemed to nod, as though in confirmation. En’vie’s brow furrowed. “Then… Maybe. Just maybe… Maybe I can show Reris that the Light still exists. That he’s not all of the things he thinks he is.” She smiled softly and muttered, “And to think… My deepest, darkest memories had the answer we’ve needed all along.”
She ran to the portal to Stormwind and stepped through it. “I can’t give up. Not yet… I won’t abandon you, or anyone else. My Light burns brightly… Maybe I can rekindle yours.”