Night Terrors

(This is an RP transcript!)

The day had come and gone and Denarod was under a tree near his base portal.  The previous events had lead him to contemplate his own decision in it all, afterwards he explained the situation and handed Feri the note.  All that was left was to see how it all unfolded.

Feri’tas had taken the note, and after reading it, had left to do some contemplation of her own. Her sleep that afternoon had been restless, fraught with nightmares that words could barely describe. When she finally awoke, dripping in sweat from the terrors, she looked at the notebook that was left on the nightstand of the inn room she had stayed in. She wrote down her experience of the night terrors before tucking the journal away in her bag. She knew En’vie would see it eventually.

They had yet to work out some sort of way to keep the other informed more consistently, though in their final internal conversation, they had agreed to always write down whatever had transpired during their time. It was a sort of mutual understanding, though what would come of the new practice remained to be seen.

Feri’tas got dressed quickly, fixing her appearance as best she could before she exited the inn. At least, with the attention she normally paid to detail, it would be unlikely that any would notice how terrible her sleep had been. She took a breath as she stepped outside, walking through the city toward Kraus’ Landing.

The air was especially crisp as Den opened his eyes.  He pondered if it was meditating or just a nap at this point.  “Hmmm time to see what the future holds.”  Catching an updraft, he finds himself at the landing and looks over some alchemy notes he was forming. “Hmm might need to change the amount of explosives here.”

Feri’tas smiled as she saw Denarod appear on the landing. “Fixing one of your potions?”

“Always trying to adjust ratios…. it’s more annoying than anything.” Den put his notes away and looked at Feri with a quiet smile.  “I hope your time was well received all things considered.”

“Yes, we… We’re keeping a journal now, instead of having internal conversation. We share what we want to share with each other.” She nods some. “We’ll see how it works out.” She looked up at the sky and sighed, recalling her terrors, and spoke without looking to him. “The terrors started again…” Her gaze falls to him. “I wonder if the Legion’s strength grows…”

“Our training tells me to consider the possibility…. if so it would be best to figure out where this spike in power is coming from…. did these terrors have a particular face or form?”

She thinks for a moment before pulling out the journal and reading over what she had written. “There wasn’t anything specific about the demons, but…” She pauses and shakes her head. “I saw so much death.  Members of the Council… Of the Brigade. I saw you… Reris… Even Edalarian.” She takes a shaky breath. “I wanted to run to you, but I was bound by some kind of demonic rune magic.”

Den pondered the circumstances of such an event.  “I can only think that there has to be some deeper meaning behind it all…. or perhaps some attempt to give you a false vision.”

“I’m afraid. I… I don’t want to frighten En’vie, but she deserves to know.” She closes the journal and puts it into her bag.

“You’re right…. perhaps she might have the other piece to the puzzle.” Den gives Feri a pat on the shoulder and offers her some fruit from his pack.  “There’s too many holes in this vision to be make any kind of conclusion.”

She takes a piece and nods. “She may want to come out soon. We haven’t figured out how to properly handle transition yet.”

“Perhaps something like a chime or bell.” he mused in a slightly funny way “or something akin to knocking on a door.”

“Internally? Like a signal?”

“If there is a way to describe such a thing, then that is what I would probably name it.”

She nods and considers it before pulling out the journal and writing it down for En’vie to see. She then closes her eyes and thinks of an Elven wind chime…

Den looks at Feri for a moment and sees a stray hair in front of her, whether by impulse or something different he brushed it out of the way.  It was at this point he could see the small signs of fatigue, little things that popped into his mind.

As the two exchanged places, her expression would soften. A lighter tone would come forth, sounding quite exhausted. “Hi, Den.” She looked down at the journal she held in her hands and read over the page that Feri’tas had written on, catching herself up.

“Terrors,” she mumbled as she read over the notes. “…This sounds familiar…”

“Yes what looks to be a creeping nightmare of carnage and death, in this case the other hunters you know.”

En’vie nods. “I’ve had terrors before, but… Not like this. Mine are more specific.” She shakes her head, looking over the notes again. “All the hunters were there… Some of the Brigade members, too. The Archmage, the gnome man… But her immediate focus was on you.”

“Hmm well I don’t like the thought of dying to some unknown thing…. though even more interesting is that it would take the heads of the brigade as well.”

“We both take the terrors seriously.” She closes the notebook and puts it away. “It’s been a constant, even before our perceived existence began. The host had terrors too. She may be dormant, or gone, we don’t know. But what we do know is things like this can’t be ignored.”

“How odd…. what it must have looked like I wonder through their eyes.  What would be the correct course of action in this case?”

En’vie sighs. “I… I don’t know. It wasn’t clear enough to make any sort of possible prediction, or to determine if it’s a false vision. Inducing a deep sleep may allow us to return to it.” She frowns, not terribly fond of the thought, but her dislike of the thought of anyone she cared for dying was stronger than that.

“In any case, until we can get more information we cannot let this alter our course too much, as inaction could lead to something worse.”

She nods. “Then perhaps induced sleep would be best.”

“…. for the time being.” Den takes a moment to consider the options “If fatigue begins to claim both of you then the situation I fear will become worse than we need.”

“We’re both exhausted… I don’t think either of us have slept well at all.” She rubs her forehead. “And… How do you think it would get worse if both of us were fatigued?” She tilts her head, questioning.

“Aside from both of you not being your own lovely selves….” Den gives a small smirk “It’s this kind of state that can leave you susceptible to a mental attack”

She nods with understanding. “I hope we’re not there yet, then.” She smiles, though faintly, and embraces him. “Will you stay with us, if sleep is alchemically induced?”

“As long as you need me to be love.” he holds En close and rubs her head.  “No harm will come to either of you.”

She smiles and nods. “Thank you… I’m eager to get it over with… I don’t look forward to traversing that dreamscape.”

“As we are…. but we’ll figure it out together.” he supports her as they head back to make sure her next rest is a slightly more peaceful one.