Annaliese Luxford

Human Necromancer

Reaper of Souls, Desecrator

General Background

A creeping feeling of death and desecration follows this woman wherever she walks, her gaze piercing deep into the hearts of those she looks upon. A scent of fresh lilies lingers around her body, perhaps a scent to mask whatever magic she wields. Her armor is heavily plated over her knees, shins, boots, shoulders, and gauntlets. The rest of her armor appears simple in nature; a pair of dark brown cloth pants with a dark red vest over her chest, its closure over her breasts that of a skull. Over it all rests a trenchcoat which is just long enough to hover above the ground. Cropped messy brown hair adorns her head, rarely brushed out with more than her fingers to loose a tangle or two. The weapon she wields, a greatsword of unknown origin, has runes inscribed over the blade.


A follower of Morgraine and his Lich-born Death Knights of the Ebon Blade, Annaliese is a well-versed necromancer and a staunch believer in their philosophies. Any who claim to be followers of Morgraine and the Four Horsemen who dare to utter anything which would be considered heretical are swiftly met by her minions and her blade.