A’yura Blackfire

Night Elf Demon Hunter

Hunter Lord of the Hunter’s Council, Outcast Illidari


    Overall, A’yura is typically a quiet woman, though she seems quite comfortable with the prospect of conversation. She can be playful and gentle, strong and commanding, fierce and strong. In the end, she is adaptable.

    Due to events in her life, her soul was split in two, which resulted in a manifestation of multiple personality disorder. The personalities are expanded on below. As a whole being, she is arachnophobic.

    Current Overall Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Feri’tas (Formerly Apathy)

    One of two distinct personalities which were born during the events in which A’yura spent time caging her emotions, Feri’tas is the felweave which was laced into her soul during her training as a demon hunter.

    She is a strong warrior, and a capable commander. This personality is cold, though not entirely emotionless. She is a very athletic woman who prefers respect and admiration as affection versus her counterpart. When this personality is at the forefront, she can be seen wearing the armor in the image to the right, with her long hair down and free.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

En’vie (Formerly Passion)

    The other of the two personalities, En’vie is A’yura’s soul as it was prior to her training as a demon hunter. A light and bright spirit of an acolyte of Elune, this personality was torn asunder from Feri’tas when A’yura was caging her emotions. En’vie is all things driven by emotion. She loves deeply, and cares wholly. She can be found wearing a set of blue leather robes a majority of the time, with her hair pulled back into a gathered braid.

    Alignment: Neutral Good


    During her time spent in the Black Temple, A’yura bound a shivarra soul to her own. After this occurred, she was taken into the Den of Mortal Delights. She would spend a majority of her time there while she was not training for the fight against the Legion. She was eventually fitted with a special charm, a symbol of her purpose within the Den. “One of Use,” as translated. To any who saw it, they would know that she could be taken into the Den and used for whatever they pleased. From talking, to sex, to being beaten bloody, she was among those who could be used for just about anything permissible.

Joining the Alliance and the Brigade

    Recently awoken from her time spent in stasis, A’yura found a friend that she had been imprisoned with. Alongside Kyrael, the two fought to rid their prison of the demons that plagued it.

    Her personal ethos is one of moderation. She believes that all demon hunters should not only keep their larger goals in mind, but also keep themselves and their Brothers and Sisters in mind as well. She recognizes that some demon hunters have a harder time keeping control of their demons than others. She, too, has this problem, and with her awareness of it, is able to seek aid when possible. This ethos translated itself well when she was selected

    She has a firm connection with the Legion, hearing the Nazrethim speech of their Anihillian commanders in her head, and having pronounced visions of numerous worlds burning beneath the Legion’s fel flame. These visions and voices become more pronounced when she struggles with control over her demonic partner, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Love, Loss, and Finding Her Way Home

    A short time after joining the Brigade, A’yura found herself falling hard for another hunter. Edalarian. Their time together, however brief, was bright and her love for him burned like fel fire. However, he felt that she was hiding things from him…

    She had been spending time with a fellow Hunter Councilor named Reris, confiding in him in a similar way that she would with Edalarian, though on different matters. He felt that her time spent with Reris was in an attempt to hide things from him. He also felt that the Brigade had brainwashed her into a new set of beliefs, noting that she had pulled the bracelet from her arm and threw it into the sea. Reris had spoken with her before she did, and said he was proud of her.

    Edalarian expressed that he felt she was manipulative and terrible, and that her love was a farce. He took a charm that she had given him and threw it into the sea. She watched as he stalked off from the docks, angry and hurt by his actions.

    After speaking with her sister (not related), Kyarel, about matters of the heart, she grew angry. In her emotion, she opened a portal into the Twisting Nether and stepped through it, determined to do the one thing she was good at… Killing demons. She succeeded for a time, though was soon overtaken by a large force. She managed to write a hastily penned letter, opening a portal just wide enough to throw it through before the demons took her. A wrathguard took particular interest in her, beating her into unconsciousness, but not killing her. Thankfully the other hunters were able to find her and bring her home.

The Dark Descent

    After another incident with Edalarian, A’yura found herself beginning to lose control once more. She likely would have taken her former lover’s head if the Archmage Khadromars hadn’t shown up, effectively forcing her to control her temper. Once she had sufficiently calmed with the help of Denarod, she made her way into the Twilight Grove of  Duskwood to meditate alone.

    She had little success, hearing the Nazrethim speech of the Legion in her head, seeing worlds burn around her. Denarod happened to find her in the Grove, somehow knowing that she’d be there, and helped her to regain control… Or so she thought.

    It wouldn’t take long for her to finally come to terms with what everyone wanted her to do. She went back to Duskwood to be along, and at the urging of the other hunters, and even her shivarrah, fell into a deep meditation, determined to push aside her feelings. Determined to keep herself from connection… Even more so from the poison that love had become. Her shivarrah gleefully watched this occur from within, knowing that without these things, A’yura would slowly begin to descend down the spiral of madness. To mark the passing of this event, she returned to Stormwind and found new armor, as well as cutting off the long over-the-shoulder braid she was so well known for wearing. She also no longer wears her blindfold.

Hidden Passions

    Since locking away her emotions, A’yura’s very soul seems to have been split in two. Two distinct personalities have formed and are now contained within. They have named themselves En’vie and Feri’tas, and akin to their namesakes, act in accordance. En’vie is very emotionally driven, whereas Feri’tas can kill without a second thought. En’vie is often caged within, subject to A’yura’s demon’s torture while Feri’tas is the dominant personality. It is rare for En’vie to be seen, let alone happy, of late.

Rebirth and Renewal

    Having spent much of her time alone, Denarod began to track her and keep tabs on her demonic corruption. He happened upon her standing on a ledge overlooking the Azurewing Repose, still struggling with maintaining her hold on her demon. He stayed with her, aiding both Feri’tas and En’vie to reconcile and come together again. Though, they did not become a whole being. The events that lead to this moment would leave her soul torn in two. The two halves of herself, convinced to work together for a time, overcame the shivarrah’s presence with the aid of Denarod and his own passion. Denarod admitted his feelings for her, and the two halves of A’yura admitted that they too felt the same.

Internal Conflict and External Demons

    Feeling restricted by the promise to Denarod to become monogamous, En’vie went out of her way to seek out Reris Nightcrest to procure information about the feelings he seemed to have about her. When the two met in the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus where she intended to confront him about it, he responded in a way which was not only unexpected, but left her devastated. He told her that she was his light in the darkness, a pure being which he had no want to corrupt. For this reason, he could not be with her. Feeling lost and confused, she inquired as to why he was so intent upon not pursing her. He responded by saying that he needed to leave, and that his world had been turned upside down when he had found her again. Hurt by his apparent abandonment, she left before he could, stating that perhaps it would have been better if they had never found each other again.

    En’vie headed directly for Suramar, though by the time she had arrived, the shivarrah’s presence had already overwhelmed her consciousness. Within, Feri’tas was unable to hold back the demon any longer while En’vie was reduced to absolute tears. The two personalities were effectively rendered helpless… Fortunately for them, Denarod was able to come to their aid in Suramar. By imprisoning A’yura’s body, he was able to step into her mental-scape to ascertain the reasoning for her sudden leap in possession. Once he was able to calm the internal conflict, the two personalities once again worked together to push the demon back.

    After all was said and done, Feri’tas emerged at the dominant personality, En’vie requiring space of her own to rest and reconcile her feelings on the whole situation. Feri’tas and Denarod returned to Dalaran to chat for a short time.


    “We, as demon hunters, must not only keep ourselves in check, but our Brothers and Sisters too. Only in this way can we avoid being swallowed by the promises of the Legion’s power.”