screenshot202016-09-272011-07-38Draenei Priest

Soulpriestess of the Auchenai


     Simple, kind, and a little bit of a people-pleaser, Corra does her best to do what she feels is right.


    Born of Draenor, and crash landed on Azeroth, Corra chose to spend her time among the Elves when a young priestess was found on Azuremyst Isle. Her travels eventually brought her to Stormwind where she would spend much of her time in the Cathedral District. She did not travel or adventure, but healed the sick and tended to those wounded in battle. She heard their stories and became quite enamored by them. One day, she decided to venture outside of the Cathedral District and go to the Blue Recluse… There she met Rovolo and Sorrowdusk. For the first time in her life, she sat down and talked to people simply because she wanted to. She approached Sorrowdusk with hesitation at first, but eventually got to know him.

    Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. She and Sorrowdusk continued to see each other regularly, and Corra left the convent to use her learning of shadow magic to aid the Alliance and the Royal Lions Brigade in their adventures through Draenor. Once she had found a place to call home in the savage lands of her memories, she found herself in the employ of the Allidar Duskwatch. She acted as a liaison between Lunarfall and Frostfire to ensure that Allidar was able to get his lumber shipments without any trouble. The younger brother of Allidar, Teidran, grew quite fond of Corra and is still one of her dearest friends.
    After a time, Sorrowdusk seemed to have gone missing. It had been too long since he had returned home to her, and she was forced to assume he had met his untimely demise. Since then, she has returned to spending more time in Stormwind in the priesthood’s convent. During her time there, she met a paladin named Alexander Highforge. The two wound up spending plenty of time with one another, and their relationship developed further.
    After a planned raid on the Black Temple, Corra was given the Sin Eater to aid her in ferrying the souls of the dead. Originally a Narru-blessed stave known as Izimir’s Staff of Mending, a young mage noted that the staff’s power souce had been depleted. Foolishly, or perhaps intuitively, she placed an orb created by the Shadow Council into it, which restored its power, but gave the staff a new and sinister power. While the staff could still carry the souls of the dead to safety, it would now also consume their sins and pass that darkness on to whomever wielded it.
Elekk: Nempi
Messenger/Pet Kaliri: Fortuna


    “May the Light embrace you and yours.”
    “Apparitions can be fun when used outside of combat.”